Therein Lies The Lesson #4

Years ago, I must have been around 20 or so.  I met a girl who was dating a relative. We were friends but not close friends.   Seems her family was very “well to do” She was supposed to be heir to a fortune.  Having not meet anybody rich, I think I was a little awe-struck.  She worn beautiful clothes and drove a brand new car.

Her demeanor was always bright and sunny, never said a bad thing about anybody and fell in love with my mother.  She would show up at mom’s house without invitation with gifts of food and clothing for her. Never once did she asked to be repaid.

So, one Saturday she had come over and told me she needed new shoes and wanted to go shopping.  I was happy to be asked to come along.  We went straight to a nearby shopping mall which had several shoe stores.  After trying on several pairs, she decided on four pairs and we went to the counter to pay for them.  She was rummaging through her purse and then announced she had left her wallet and asked if I had any cash on me. She would pay me back later.

Knowing how filthy rich she was I didn’t hesitate. Having just been paid AND my checkbook, I wrote the check to the store for a little over a hundred bucks.

Long story short, She didn’t pay me back that day and I couldn’t find her anywhere.  Finally, I went to her parents place of business. You see I desperately needed that money back to pay my own bills.  Her mother informed me that they were not responsible for her debits and refused to pay what she owed me.  They had also taken away her checks and credit cards cause she was spending too much. She had no job and there was no way to find out where she might be.

Therein Lies The Lesson…

See ya



Therein lies the lesson #3

On Friday it turned out to be a pretty nice day here.  I decided it was time to clean up the back yard a little.  Now remember I’m 65 and have a few major health issues but I get by.

I’m a doer so when something needs to get done, say no more.

I recently (two weeks ago) got over a Fibromyalgia Flare.  If you don’t know what that is, you might what to look it up. But in essence it means for me, I have to deal with unique pains that come out of nowhere. I have no idea what triggers it but I move on anyway.

So deciding to clean up the yard was no big deal just try not to over do it. With tools in hand I began the work and within minutes, my back was telling me, “ok, you’re pushing it”  Did I stop? of course not!  Just a little more.

Bottom line by Friday night I was in some serious back pains.  Med’s helped and so by today, I’m feeling better.

This is not the first time nor the last time I won’t pay attention to what my body is telling me but again, THEREIN LIES THE LESSON.

See ya.

Post #2 Therein Lies the Lesson – idea’s

So after sleeping on this post all night and idea’s going through my head, I thought it would be a good idea to mention some of the things I’d like to see here and why.

The main reason for this post is to try to help someone maybe make decisions or just thing about the options, obstacles, encounters, thoughts and much more. I want to help someone see beyond what’s going on in their living at this moment and just think things through.

Then comment of topics here to share the lessons learned. Good or bad hopefully people see themselves in situations and can connect.

I hope to guide us to discussions in no particular order just where it leads us.  No time fame on any subject.  I’ve allowed for comments at the end of each post so I hope you feel free to join in anytime. Say what you like. try not to cuss and swear, keep it clean as you can.

General guidelines though.  Please try to keep your comments on topic.  Remember to give the story of when, where, who, how and what about the topic you want to share.



The next post I hope will start the conversation.  However if no one post anything I’ll just begin with one of my own.

After a few days in this “starting mode”  I can see if we’re moving forward and make some decisions about the future of this post.

See ya.


Therein Lies the Lesson-Help me

Hopefully you’ve read the first page of my site.  It’s the story, the back-round and the reason for Therein Lies The lesson.

But if you haven’t,  here’s what i’m proposing. Let’s together look at our lives, the reasons we do some things and the reasons we don’t.  At the end, there is a lesson to be learned from every life experience and consequence’s to be faced good or bad AND A LESSON LEARNED.





The purpose and goal of this post is to enlighten others to what really happens while living a life.  The decisions we’ve made and the outcome.  Perhaps you’ll see yourself in someones experience and make a decision in your particular situation based on the information you have gained here.  It will cost you nothing. No one is libel for what you do or don’t do, not here because its all voluntary to read or participate in any discussion.

I”m about information sharing and THAT in is invaluable.  I what to help anyone I can just to learn some lesson and gain from it.

In this day and age we all need as much help and insight as we can stand to continue the life we’re living.  Hopefully all can benefit.

See ya tomorrow.

P.S – I have no formal education in anything used or said here.  It’s my hearts desire to help people and at the same time be a useful member of society.

The Jounery? Life and Living. Lessons learned

I’m not sure how I got here  but after a lot of reflection and thought about my life, my future and my hearts desired, I’ve decided this is one path I wanted to try.

I need to give you a little back round so if you’re with me from the beginning, you’ll know why I’m here.

Several years ago I retired from a job I truly loved. Why?  Mainly health reasons.  After 32 years it was hard to give up.  I grew up in those offices that started at age 20. Not selling, just clerical.  Life gave me a few break times from this job but each time I came back. I loved the people (mostly) the money (not bad) and it gave me something to do everyday.

Married for a while and I  have two adult son’s and one grandchild.  One large dog and two loving cats.

Presently, I find myself in a very tough position.  Retired.  Fixed income. Renting a home. Income has not really increased (besides cost of living raise the government provides) since I’ve retired.  Currently in not such good health as most people my age (65).

For the past few years, I’ve mostly enjoyed retirement but I discovered early on that I HAVE to have something to do.  Never been one to sit too long watching TV.  So I’ve developed some hobbies. Crafting mostly. I make candles, framed fabric art, jewelry making and sewing. But before the hobbies, it was obvious that my total income was not going to be sufficient enough to maintain the standard of living I’m accustomed to.  So I thought to turn my crafting into a supplemental income stream.  It WAS NECESSARY if I am to stay independent and living on my own. (I can’t work in the normal since of the word because of my health) A few failed business ventures and nothing…  Both my children help me financially when they can but things are still tight.

This is the situation I find myself in today.  It’s been five years and something has to change.

Recently, something else happened.  My landlord has decided to sell this duplex I’ve been in for the past 4 years.  I love it here and can’t see myself anyplace else.  Without going into details, I love this place.  It has everything I’ve ever wanted in a home. I have 6 months left on my lease.  I have to find a way to buy it.  If I don’t somebody else will and everything for me would change.

I submitted my application to the bank and mortgage Company only to be turned down do to my credit scores.  So now, I have to find a way to pay those debits , raise my scores and buy my home.

I’ve looked at many, many options for earning money and only a very few fit what I can honestly do. Very few options.

One of those options is this.  Creating a website, starting a blog and make money blogging. Huh? What? From the things I’ve read, its possible.  Other people are doing it so why not me?


It’s gonna go like this..Everyday I’ll post a question or comment primarily covering the life lessons learned by anybody who would like to comment on something or anything dealing with the journey we’re all on.  No judgement, no advise just writing down experiences and how we deal with situations, good and bad.  My hope is that in the process, we help someone think about life, there life and of others just dealing with life stuff.

Please join me and lets see where it goes.  Maybe it helps you, maybe it helps me and we’ll all feel better about how we spent part of the day.

First post tomorrow April 19th, 2018.  See ya.